Saturday, August 23, 2008

tracy's birthday

So...I know I didn't log on last night and post but I was tired and full of food. So, yesterday was Tracy's birthday-day-before-his-birthday-day. We started off by having breakfast at Lola's (a greek Tom Douglas) restaurant. I just think Tom is brilliant with food. Go to one of his restaurants if you can. Anyway, I had to order the "weird" entree because I know it may sound scary but is always amazing. It said "octopus, pork belly, spring pea greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes and a sunny egg. It was a wonderful mix of ingredients resting on some creme freche along with 2 slices of his to-dye-for toast. Tracy got the normal maple sausages, eggs and fried smashed garlic potatoes (whoa!...). The maple sausages were homemade (of course) and the most delicious sausage I've had, ever. We'll try the fried to order homemade doughnuts on another trip. OMG.

Next is was up to Victrola coffeehouse on Pike (or was it Pine?) where we journaled for almost 3 hours straight with the headphones on. Pure bliss! I popped on down to Utrecht a block down to stretch my legs and found some creamy smooth new colored pencils (colorsoft by derwent) that I wanted to try. I bought 5 single colors and took them back up to Victrola. Loved them so much that when we left, Tracy and I popped back in there and he bought me a set of 24 and bought the derwent inktense pencils for himself since he loves to play with water soluble pencils and these delivered intense color.

Then it was onto the baguette box to have a tofu baguette since it was right around the corner. however...I am sad to say that it just isn't living up to the way it used to be. They are using less veggies in the sandwiches and something has changed. we've been dissappointed the last few times. Time to find another to-die-for sandwich joint I guess.

we then took off for 45th up near wallingford because we had heard about a new ice cream shop tracy wanted to try out. since we weren't hungry, we popped into diva espresso on stone way because tracy remembered they had outdoor tables. We journaled for another hour or so and finally went back to Molly Moon's homemade ice cream (that has been getting rave reviews). We both settled on the salt caramel ice cream in a barely warm waffle come. OMG!!! It was, beyond a doubt, the best ice cream cone I've ever had. Salty and sweet and the cone was the topper...I have never tasted a cone like that one. As we sat out on the sidewalk, it was a moment of euphoria.

we were meeting up in Issaquah with some old friends who we went to high school with and did a ton of stuff with right after we got married...Jim and Rachel, who sadly moved to Spokane awhile back. So we zipped across the bridge at 3:30 before traffic was reduced to a crawl. We voraciously journaled for another 1-2 hours at the Barnes and Noble in issaquah until it was time to meet at Jaks...Tracy's favorite steakhouse. We walked in and all the waiters, cooks and (even the owners who happened to be there) all greeted him with warm hugs and smiles. It's crazy how everyone knows him. Dinner was even better with old friends to share conversation with. We started at 6 and didn't walk out until 9pm.

So, that was our day. I sat down on the couch at home and fell asleep right away. too much good food in my tummy I think. Today, I don't want to eat so much.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dare I say it...

I think I want to try blogging every day...even if it is one sentence. I am going to try it and see what happens.

Here is the logo prototype for Artfest 2009 which is now up on my website, by-the-way. Lots of good workshops and fun galore. I should add in here that Tracy drew this based on our 'sea monster" theme.

On Saturday is Tracy's birthday (46th) so what he wants to do is go journal all day in seattle on friday (fine with me!!!) and then he wants to work in his studio on a new metal journal all day saturday (and he implied with no interruptions)...again, fine by me! I haven't had a chance to play in my studio either which I am eager to do. I think I will mess around with fabric and see if I can whip out some fun stuff for artfiberfest in october.

Last weekend we had the first ever workshop held at our studio/house. We had 20 women come to it and it was really fun. They all did amazing work despite the crazy heat wave we had. We realized we'd prefer less people and more lights up, but all in all, it turned out really good.

Lastly...we now have new collage sheets up as well as those sharpie pens that I am crazy about (and now all 20 of the women who came to the workshop) are crazy about too.

will let you know how the journaling day goes tommorrow.